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Fundraising Fun for Socktober

Our Friday Fun Day at St Brigid’s has seen students show off their brightest and most colourful socks – and together, help raise money for Catholic Mission and the Gwynneville St Vincent de Paul Society.

The school community was very pleased to support Catholic Mission's Socktober fundraiser. As part of the day, students learned about what life is like for children from the slum areas in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand.

The money we raised for Catholic Mission will assist them with their work in Thailand.

Meanwhile, the funds we raised for the Gwynneville St Vincent de Paul Society will help people in our local community.

The highlight of the day was wearing the best mufti clothes and the craziest socks we could find. Everyone was very colourful! The students enjoyed a treat of Subway for lunch, a lolly bag and an ice block – perfect for the hot day.

“It was good to have a ‘fun’ fundraiser for those in need. We had fun as we were helping others – it was a win-win for all of us!” — Year 5 student