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Kindergarten Transition to School Through Play

Starting school is an exciting and important milestone in any child and family’s life. We would like all our newest students and families to feel welcome at St Brigid's, and feel a sense of familiarity and ease with their learning environment and their new teachers and peers, as they step into their classroom on Day 1 of Kindergarten.

Research suggests that children who have a positive start to school are more likely to engage well in their learning and school life. Our 'Transition to School through Play' program aims to nurture this positive start by providing a supportive and structured play environment in preparation for the commencement of Kindergarten.

The 'Transition to School through Play' program includes informal playgroup sessions at the school prior to the children starting, as well as formal orientation opportunities, to assist them in their transition to school.

The aim of the Transition to School playgroups are:

  • to welcome new families to the school and allow children, parents and staff to get to know each other and the school setting in a positive and relaxed way;
  • to develop familiarity and a sense of belonging for children and their families to the school community;
  • to enhance children’s social and emotional development by establishing and building positive relationships with teachers, school staff and peers; and
  • to enhance children’s learning, social and communicative skills through appropriate play-based experiences.

View more about our 'Transition to School through Play' Program here

Our transition days and playgroup sessions will take place during the October/November period, for children and parents to attend. Parents will receive dates, times and information regarding this prior to the sessions.

Transition to primary school (and from primary school to high school) for children with special needs is done with the help of staff from the Diverse Learning Team at the Catholic Education Diocese of Wollongong.



Our school takes part in the Best Start Kindergarten Assessment developed by early learning experts in the NSW Department of Education. The Best Start Kindergarten Assessment gives our teachers, and those teaching Kindergarten across all our Catholic schools in the Diocese of Wollongong, a common set of high quality assessment tools. We believe that the Best Start Kindergarten Assessment will build on the strengths of our teachers and give your child an even better start to school.