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Buildings and Facilities

St Brigid's has many wonderful facilities including contemporary indoor and outdoor learning spaces and play spaces. The learning environments have been renovated in line with current understanding of the wide range of student learning styles. 

Our administration area was renovated in 2016 to provide more office space, a student foyer, an accessible new sick bay and a meeting room. In addition, the relocation of the Assistant Principal office closer to the student foyer has had positive results. We also have a large new hall, and our parish church is on the same grounds as the school. Our canteen provider is 'LunchBox Express' offering both recess and lunch orders each Thursday and Friday.

The students have access to several playground areas: a concrete playground, two synthetic grassed playgrounds, and undercover area, multi-use hall, a new sustainable garden area and use of Wiseman Park across the road for lunchtime activities as well as for PE and Sport. Regular P&F working bees keep these facilities in good condition.



Our school is proud to provide contemporary learning environments for our children. The classrooms are furnished with flexible furniture to complement current and evolving pedagogies, and incorporate a pedagogical approach that personalises the learning for students allowing them to be challenged, extended and have their individual needs met. 

Flexible learning spaces are designed to be communal spaces which can be configured in a number of ways for specific learning experiences. Areas can be configured to suit learning styles and help generate engaging and exciting learning opportunities. Teachers and students are able to tailor the learning to suit the learning outcomes. If a student needs a quiet space, there will be a quiet space; if a group of students are working collaboratively, then there will be a customised space to allow this interaction.

Many educators believe personalised learning has the potential to drive breakthrough results for students.

All of our classrooms and library have a range of spaces for students to work:

  • standing up at high benches
  • collaboratively at round tables
  • with the teacher on the guided spaces
  • on the floor using lap tables and low tables with cushions
  • independently at height adjustable tables
  • sitting on ottomans, chill out chairs, booths, stools or beanbags
  • using their 1:1 iPad and a suite of apps to effectively transform learning