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Sustainable subpods help our school's gardens grow

Students across all years have been excitedly working on our special subpod project to use composted waste to help our gardens grow and enhance our school's sustainability.

At the beginning of the year, St Brigid's purchased subpods and grow beds, and determined a suitable place for the composting gardens. The garden beds were put together by students who attended school during remote learning, while our Year 6 students helped move the supplies needed to fill the gardens.

Soon we were ready to start feeding a small amount of food waste to the worms – starting with food waste collected and used from Kindergarten. The worms were given a comfortable bed of cardboard, and left to settle in and work their magic!

We are now composting food waste from the whole school – and it's not just the worms that are loving it. The students are enjoying the process of collecting food waste and feeding the worms, while watching the composting gardens – and the worms – grow!

Each class is also being educated on how to feed and care for the worms so that all staff and students are responsible for turning food waste into soil food to grow food. 

The compost made in the subpods will soon be used to feed our vegetable gardens and fruit trees, further adding to our environmental initiatives and sustainability practices here at St Brigid's.