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Parish Information

sbgchurchSt Brigid’s Catholic Parish Primary School is part of St Brigid’s Parish community, which is also part of the Lumen Christi Pastoral Region incorporating the churches of Wollongong, Gwynneville and Fairy Meadow/Balgownie.

There are many aspects of parish life in which students, staff & families may become involved. 

All members of our parish school community are actively encouraged to be part of parish and Church life. Staff in Catholic schools have their own home parish as well as their school parish.

Parish Sacramental celebrations provide an opportunity to celebrate its life of faith with fellow parishioners. The parish provides programs of preparation for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist (First Communion) and Confirmation each year. Enrolment for the Sacraments occurs through the Parish. The school based Religious Education Curriculum supports and enriches this program of preparation.

Mass Times at St Brigid's Church, Gwynneville

Tuesday Mass: 9.30am
Thursday Mass: 9.30am
Saturday Reconciliation: 5pm
Vigil Mass: 5.30pm
Sunday 9am Mass
Mass for Spanish speakers Sundays at 11.30am


Click here to visit the Lumen Christi Catholic Parishes website