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Transition to School

Our "Kinder Links" Program is a Transition to School program offered by St Brigid’s.  The aim is to provide a supportive and structured play environment in preparation for the commencement of Kindergarten. Orientation and transition programs vary widely from school to school, however, we believe the most effective program involves more than a walk around the school and a talk from the principal about what is expected at the school. A thorough transition program which encompasses the child, the teachers and parents and includes opportunities to ask question, discuss issues, and generally find out how school has changed since their own schooldays will make your child's transition to school an enjoyable and successful one.

Our transition program does include some orientation time, however, it is a key experience that involves a variety session and strategies that:

- establishes positive relationships between children, parents and educators;

- facilitates each child's development as a capable learner;

- involves a range of stakeholders;

- is flexible and responsive to individual student needs;

- relies on reciprocal communication among participants

Three transition days will take place during the month of November for the children and parents to attend. Parents will receive dates, times and information regarding this prior to the sessions. 

Parents are also encouraged to bring their children to Playgroup in the hall – usually on a Thursday morning as well as popping into school at break times to help their children become familiar with the school.

Transition to primary school and from primary school to high school for children with special needs is done with the help of staff from the Diverse Learning Team at the Catholic Education Office.


Best Start Assessment

Our school takes part in the Best Start Kindergarten Assessment developed by early learning experts in the NSW Department of Education. The Best Start Kindergarten Assessment gives our teachers, and those teaching Kindergarten across all school in the Diocese of Wollongong, a common set of high quality assessment tools. We believe that the Best Start Kindergarten Assessment will build on the strengths of our teachers and give your child an even better start to school.