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We are a Leader in Me Lighthouse School!


The inaugural THE LEADER IN ME (TLIM) Australasian Symposium was held in Melbourne in June 2015. 
This international gathering hosted visitors from Asia, New Zealand, and the USA as well as educators from around Australia, including from St Michael's, Thirroul. 
Staff and students from St Brigid's Catholic Parish Primary School, Gwynneville presented workshops, spoke on panels and led the assembled masses in the school's original leadership song, 'Strength to Lead'.

St Brigid's had the incredible honour of being inducted as a 'Lighthouse School' for extraordinary leadership achievement through The Leader in Me initiative, the first ever in Australia. There are over 2,200 schools worldwide implementing TLIM and only 152 of those school have been awarded the elite status of Lighthouse School.  One other school in Victoria, Parktone Primary was also awarded this privilege.

Sean Covey wrote, 'We are so deeply honoured to be part of the extraordinary impact you are having on children. Your school's commitment is visible, your passion is palpable and the results are measureable. Your school's leadership serves as a beacon to your community and your country. You will light the way for generations to come and be a legacy for which you can all be proud."

TLIM is a whole school empowerment approach using the '7 Habits of Highly Effective People' by the late Stephen Covey. It helps align systems and is integrated throughout the daily life of the school and home. It is part of the environment and culture at St Brigid’s and provides a highly effective framework for improvement and empowerment of students, staff and parents. There is a clear vision, shared understanding, a common language and explicit & high expectations, all underpinned by strong Gospel values. 
(TLIM - http://www.theleaderinme.org/)

TLIM empowers students and staff to take control of their decisions, make good choices, set short term and effective learning and behaviour goals, put action plans in place to achieve goals, think about others carefully, listen carefully to each other, collaborate effectively and efficiently as well as taking care of themselves in head, heart, body and soul. All in all it helps set students up for success with an aim of helping them not only survive in the 21st Century – but thrive!

Over the last six years we have seen significant growth in the confidence of students in accepting responsibility for their learning and our external assessment data shows steady and pleasing growth and gains in student achievement. Our data for behaviour shows a significant decrease in challenging behaviours and an increase in students accepting responsibility for their behaviour. Surveys collected from the wider school community indicate that the culture of our school empowers everyone to be the best they can be and that TLIM has promoted a culture in which everyone is a leader who can make a positive difference for themselves, others and the world around them.

Well done Team Brigid!!