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I am at a technology conference.

I have the usual array of devices. 

I love how technology can enrich educational experiences.

I love technology.

I love people more!

Shhh, don't tell anyone but I have left the conference a little early.

I have gone for a walk down town and am now sitting having a flat white, looking across the river. 

I needed to connect - with people - not technology - and I feel so much better now.

I have listened to the man on the street corner in King George Square reading from the bible and calling us to listen to God and each other. (I admire that he is standing up for what he believes in and doesn't care what people think!)

I have been confronted by a young woman, placard in hand, swearing blind about politicians. (I do not admire the way she has gone about standing for what she believes in!)

I have had a lovely conversation about life with a little old lady in the gardens who reminded me of my Grandma. (I admire that she stilll trusts people given that she was attacked and robbed a few years ago!)

I have given money to a young man missing most of his teeth, hair ruffled, unshaven but clean and with the most impeccable manners and most grateful. (I admire that he can maintain his dignity in the face of adversity and reach out to others for help! I wish I had stopped longer and asked his story.)

I have got the most amazing smile from a homeless guy who had literally dropped his bundle. I helped him pick his things up and his smile said it all. (I admire that he could still smile given that he sleeps under a bridge and bears the brunt of all sorts of rudeness from people!)

I have sat and listened to some business people debate which 5 star hotel has better service and complain about not having the right brand of liquor available. (I do not admire their first world problem!)

I have bought an ipad mini for school (Yes, I know the irony!) and have been given a discount ahead of the sale tomorrow. (I admire that people can be nice for the sake of being nice!)

The people at this particular conference are very much about selling their technology or their pedagogy.

Hardly one person has actually looked up from their ipad or smartphone or laptop to acknowledge that there are people around!

By all means connect to technology - but don't forget to connect to people too!

I had better head back to the conference now, shhh!