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Challenging one's own fears can be hard! Our wondefful staff gave me a rather unique gift for my birthday last year ~ a dive with the sharks! I chose to think that there was no hidden meaning behind this unusual choice!!!!! They know my penchant for adrenalin rushes and although this was never on my 'bucket list' I was curious.

The sharks did not worry me (I did hope that they had been well fed that morning though!), what concerned me was the SCUBA diving! I love fresh air and being able to breathe through my mouth and my nose at will and take in big, deep, glorious breaths of fresh air! Breathing through a regulator, under water, and only through my mouth was NOT something I looked forward to at all! I leave my windows and doors open all the time for fresh air as I get a little claustrophobic! 

Getting that wetsuit on was enough of a struggle and this was followed by weights, vests, goggles and a tank!

The practice pool became my friend as I could easily stand up and breathe fresh air! It is NOT normal to be under water and trying to breath at the same time!

I was very close to saying that I might not go through with it, it was extremely challenging ~ but I did!

With the familiar,'da, da ~ da, da' music from the movie Jaws getting louder and louder and my breathing becoming a little faster and my heart seemingly ready to pop out of my chest ~ I swam out into the main aquarium. There, faced with having to breath ~ or drown ~ I chose to breathe! (I congratulated myself on this good choice!)

With sharks swimming (and grinning at me) within hands reach, graceful sting rays gliding nearby,and wise old sea turtles making their presence known I stood my ground and forced myself to stop and enjoy God's amazing creatures ~ although at one stage I do remember giving my fellow colleagues on the the other side of the glass a 'revenge is sweet' look!

I faced my fear, overcame it (albeit only for 40minutes in the water) and marvelled at the wonderful experience. Thank you so much to our beautiful staff! I am now plotting ~ sorry, 'planning' something in return for the wonderful staff of St Brigid's. :)

I survived with only a nibble at my backside!