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During the holidays I finally sat down and started clearing out my filing cabinet at home, it was something I had put off for many, many years!

It was akin to an archeological dig as I peered into the dark hole, carefully scooped up papers and documents, scanned photos and unearthed artefacts that hadn't seen the light of day in decades.

It's amazing the things one keeps, isn't it? I guess it is a way of connecting ourselves to the past and reminding oursleves of what things were like at a particular time.

I was looking through some old school magazines from another lifetime ago and it struck me that when someone is passionate about something they can have a huge impact on people.

It also made me think how important it is as an educator to try and do the very best for your students. The influence an educator has on the life of a student can be immense - either positive or negative. 

I marvelled at all the wonderful things teachers had done over the last decades, their enthusiasm, their passion, their creativity. They were all focussed on doing the best they could for the students in their care! 

It brought home to me the fact that educators come into a school for a period of time and need to leave it  (and their students) in a better state than when they came ~ a far better state if possible. We really are but travellers here, just like all the other educators that have gone before us and who endeavoured to make positive impact.