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Our beautiful community has suffered many times over the last few years and we all know the pain of loss in one form or


When someone dies or leaves us, it can leave us feeling very sad, or angry, confused, numb or empty. Sometimes we don’t even know how we should be feeling or acting ~ and that is ok. Every one of us grieves in different ways ~ some of us cry, some of us are quiet and some of us act as though nothing has happened ~ and that’s all ok.

Only the person themselves can know how to grieve.   

When something bad happens it’s normal to ask a lot of questions ~

Why did this bad thing happen to someone so young? Why did God let this happen? Who’s to blame?

The fact is that sad things are a part of life ~ accidents just happen, God doesn’t make them happen but He is there for all of us to find comfort in.

It's easy to say we have to make the most of every minute we have ~ but we need to live and love to the full, just as God wants us to.

When someone dies or goes away, it does give us cause to stop and think about our own life and our own relationships and what we can change for the better. In a special way, this means that the legacy anyone leaves behind when they die or go away is that we are reminded that we have the power to make a real difference in life.