Brrr ~ Winter Sleep-In ~ Friday, June 22

On Friday, June 22 we will be having our WINTER SLEEP-IN, yeay!! I know the chidlren are excited and I am sure all the parents are just as excited at the thought of spending a night in our school hall or in one of our beautifully appointed classrooms!

Our annual social justice casue is the St Vincent dePaul Society and the Vinnie's Van - a van which Diocesan school staff go out in a few times a week to take food and hot drinks to the homeless.

Chidlren, accompained by a parent - or willing aunt or grandmother - will come to our hall at 7pm already dressed in their warmest winter trackies, and already having eaten their dinner! There will be a movie (or board games) from 7.30pm until 9pm thenĀ  supper will be served (milo and biscuits) followed by bed for all the children.

A cost of $20 per family plus sponsorship will go towards raising much needed fiunds for the cause.

So, time to start planning a GREAT night ~ see you all there!!!! :)