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Wikipedia states that ‘a tradition is a ritual, belief or object passed down within a society, still maintained in the present, with origins in the past.’

Family traditions have the same sense of history attached, albeit in a smaller, familial context. They bind families together, they give a warm sense of security, they remind us of what is and what was and make for warm memories as we grow up into adulthood and continue to reconnect to them in our own homes.

Family traditions can include baked dinners on a Sunday, fish and chip Fridays, Easter Egg hunts, singing carols around the Christmas tree and cricket games on Boxing Day.

I love family traditions! I love them even more when other people organise them for me! I do not have a Polish bone in my body but my late husband’s parents were Polish and I have grown to enjoy the quaint traditions of blessed coloured eggs, babka, kielbasa with horseradish, roast pork and ham washed down with a cherry vodka or two! Not your usual breakfast fare for someone brought up on cereal, bacon and eggs an orange juice!

Well, it is my turn to organise the traditional Polish Easter breakfast this year. After a short period of panic and weighing up whether it was too late to go away for the Easter period, I took some deep breaths and set to organising breakfast. I could handle boiling and colouring eggs and even the roast pork was ok and thank goodness for a Polish deli which had lots of kielbasa, but babka?! I googled so many recipes it hurt! I did find out though that babka is another Polish term for grandmother and the babka cake was so named as it resembled the swirling skirts that grandmothers used to wear. Babka also celebrates the return of the egg to the diet after the strictures of the Lenten fast. Interesting but not helpful when one has a deadline looming for Polish Easter breakfast for fourteen people! I settled on a recipe that needed 15 egg yolks – obviously calorie and cholesterol watching is outlawed on Easter Sunday!

It is Saturday evening and I have finished all the preparations. The proof will be in the pudding, as they say, when we all sit down to Easter breakfast in the morning. I will be saying a silent prayer that everything is edible ~ and will be seated near the closest exit! Wish me luck!

Wesołych Świąt!

PS - All went well and not a sign of food poisoning - yet!!:)