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Ever had one of those days when everything seems to go awry? Well today was one of those days for me!

After forgetting to get a ticket to park underneath the Novotel - I had the GM very kindly direct me out the 'in' lane - then as I gave a friendly wave and proceeded up the drive I heard yelling from behind - luckily I stopped and averted disaster by not driving onto the freshly poured wet cement!

Then - trying to do a million things at the last minute - I finally had time to drop the cat off for boarding. I had noticed the light on the fuel guage earlier - but of course I knew I could do a few more kms - NOT! Stuck in the middle of traffic on a busy main road ~ and not able to go anywhere and with a cat doing a good imitation of a distressed, crying baby ~ is not a good look! A very quick run up the hill ensued and thankfully a lovely school parent dropped me back to the car!

As if that wasn't enough I forgot where I had put my ipad - turned evrything topsy-turvy looking for it - only to find it neatly packed away in my suitcase - arghh!!!

Then I cut my hand, and jammed my finger in the door!

But all is good - I am now packed and ready to head off to the States in the morning - that somehow seems to make everything ok!

Ahh...holidays!!! Laughing