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It is nearly New Year's Eve and that always give pause for thought. As for NYE resolutions - ditto for last year!! I don't like making one off promises - I'd rather do what I need to do when I need to do it.

Last week someone asked me who my heroes have been over the past year. That stopped me for a while. I at first thought of all those people in the media who have saved lives, helped in devastated areas and struggled against the odds. They are all heroes - but I don't know them or the nuances of who they really are. 

My heroes are all around me.

My children who, at times, could be forgiven for thinking that I am far too engrossed in work ~ not true! They forgive, they laugh, they drive me crazy - but always they love.

My extended family - they are always there when I need them ~ and sometimes when I don't! We laugh, we cry, we send each other up ~ it's good!

My dear friends, those nearby and far away ~ they organise me, they forgive me for not coming to things, they still talk to me, they're a call or email away,  they share themselves and together we solve the problems of the world ~ it's healthy!

My work friends ~ they brighten my days, they're real, they're fun, they're caring and loving ~ I'm so lucky!

The students at our school ~ they smile and the sun shines, they take someone's hand and make them feel better, they're sad to think that anyone is unhappy, they solve the problems of their little world and all is better for everyone.

The parents at our school ~ all of them passionate about their chidlren and wanting the best for them. There are parents who give so much of themselves for our school, for their chidlren - and for others' children! They are so generous with their time and talent. All those parents who have had some very challenging times this year blow me away with their inner strength and determination to get through and their 'glass is half full' attitude ~ I take my hat off to each of you!

You are all my heroes ~ thank you for all you do ~ you help make me the person I am. (Te-he-he - I like to share the blame!!!)

My wish for you all is enough of everything and more happiness than you need!


NYE ~ 2011